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Say goodbye to the old ugly Beijing primary and secondary school uniforms will intelligent monitoring students' safety

Date: 2015-12-24

New net of Beijing on December 24 (xinhua Du Yan) Beijing primary and secondary school uniforms will say goodbye to the old, earth, ugly.In the future, Beijing will be according to the history and culture of different schools and style design exclusive school uniform, and will also put the satellite technology, motion sensors, combined with a uniform, monitoring the safety of students, growth.
Today, "the Beijing primary and secondary school uniforms research and development center" in Beijing institute of fashion technology.Beijing municipal education committee Wang Dingdong said that now many school dress does not have the characteristic, school district, and sportswear loose hypertrophy, because of the beautiful enough, did not individualize "fun" by quite a few students, was known as "old, earth, ugly".The establishment of the primary and secondary school uniforms research and development center in Beijing, will shift from traditional wide modelling to fit modelling, but also establish gender consciousness, boys and girls.
He points out that school uniforms can inspire and cultivate students' self-discipline consciousness, can affect the student's image and temperament, is the student moral education, aesthetic education is an important part of.In addition, Beijing will be students, is to build capital international communication center, to establish a good image is the important carrier of the capital.
Beijing, director of the center for research and development of primary and secondary school uniforms, Liao Qing, vice President of the Beijing institute of fashion technology is introduced, the centre will rely on the design of the Beijing institute of fashion frontier scientific research strength, to produce beautiful, fit, safe and green uniforms.
According to the dress code, will be divided into age season uniform formal occasions, summer formal occasions, age season four occasions, summer sports occasions, such as school boys age season formal occasions there will be a formal suit, long-sleeved shirts, cardigan sweater, wool vest, trousers and ties;Girl's school uniform is to have a dress suit, long-sleeved shirts, cardigan sweater, wool vest, skirt, tie.
She said, according to the history and culture of different schools and exclusive school uniform design style, reflect students' identity, establish the sense of belonging.
She said, the new design school uniforms will also be using recycled regenerated fiber, natural environmental protection, do not use any toxic or harmful bleaching materials.In addition, the center will also examine waste harmless recycling system, uniform suggested using a single uniform fiber fabrics, facilitate harmless recycling, through detailed design and fabric research and development, under the condition of meet fit sex to prolong the period of school uniforms.
Smart care is one of the important function of uniform design.It is reported, the centre will the Internet of things technology and satellite technology and fashion design products combined with research and development, the development of intelligent primary and secondary school uniform product, can make the parents, schools, security and identification to the position of the minor students to realize the real-time monitoring and certification.Students in and out of school when, for example, the function of school attendance system to record, and send the notice to parents on the phone, so as to realize the safe custody of minors.
Motion sensors, meanwhile, will also be combined with school uniforms, to student's sports status tracking and analysis, the matching analysis of body function and the degree, to guarantee the minor students proper physical exercise and exercise, reasonable cultivation of body and mind growth.
In addition, in order to ensure the security of student travel at night or rainy weather, the school will be particularly on coat products increased fluorescent light or 3 m reflective material, easy to avoid motor vehicles.(after)