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Millions water town will open direct tourism special line

Date: 2015-12-24

Beijing city to miyun millions water town will strive for the construction of tourism special line.In miyun district CPPCC yesterday, the reporter understands, to alleviate the holidays millions of water traffic pressure, in the town of miyun area will negotiate with related departments, and strive for the construction of tourist line.
Since the start of gubei water town, holidays often full.According to statistics, in the year to now, gubei water town tourists held by 1.6 million, accounting for the miyun area 70% of the total reception of visitors;Business income is 480 million yuan, accounting for a cloud scenic area and 80% of total revenue.
"There is still not to the millions of water town tourism special line, tourists give priority to with drive, holiday traffic pressure is very big."Miyun district LvYouWei Guo Shenghai, director of the introduction.To alleviate the congestion of holiday phenomenon, except for the construction of tourist line, zone and starting group consultation, bearing plan from Beijing high-speed export to build a regional connection 24 palaearctic water town.This project is currently under organization coordinated road planning and design stage.
On optimization of tourism environment, miyun next year will also start the creek WengZhuang meiyukou, shicheng, feng, old four tourist town infrastructure upgrade projects, including through the scenic area between the tie line, add the parking lot, public toilets, specification tour guide system, increase the safety facilities tourist trails, the implementation of landscape greening, etc., with a total investment of 100 million yuan.In old town, YunFengShan and kichijoji two scenic area as an example, the tie line through after the visitors between the two scenic spots don't round the mountain, will now reduce half an hour's drive.
In addition, miyun area next year could also lead to revitalize the idle farm house, develop high-quality goods home stay facility.According to the survey a baseline, miyun area within the scope of retention rate of more than 80% of the 3834 sets of idle rural house.Next year, a cloud will promote the dry valley, north well yard brand model, key support guide Kim pushed luo meiyukou, north Taiwan, sand ditch, shicheng village to carry out high-quality goods home stay facility, offers visitors a better travel service.(source: Beijing daily reporter: Ms. Wang)