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Beijing open more 41 train during the Spring Festival

Date: 2015-12-24

Haven't buy a train ticket home before the Spring Festival next year travellers to JianLouEr.Yesterday, Beijing railway bureau announced that in order to meet the 2016 Spring Festival transportation passenger travel demand, starting on January 24, Beijing railway bureau will open more to Harbin, qiqihar, hankou, xi 'an, chengdu, chifeng passenger train, such as multiple directions on a total of 41.Railway departments to remind, increase the train ticket pre-sale period for 40 days, travelers can through the Internet, mobile phone client, telephone and window channels.
In the 41 train of open, Beijing station for 22 times, in addition to the traditional direction of changchun, Harbin, jiamusi, besides, a part of the train to chongqing, chengdu will also by departure from Beijing station;Beijing west railway station will open more trains 17 times, mainly for home hot city direction of hankou, zhengzhou, chengdu, xian, etc;Beijing north station, two extra to chifeng train.
In the 2016 Spring Festival open more trains, mainly direct, express, fast sd train is given priority to, such as train at 5 times.Railway departments to remind, increase the train more concentrated in the early morning, passengers on the bus when it is important to note that the operation time of the train ticket.Such as, 24 January 1 point 53 distribution vehicle, passengers need in the night of January 23 to arrive at the railway station.Travel will increase the train according to the traffic situation to determine, and remind passengers on the station in time announcement or from the China railway customer service center web site (www.12306.cn) query information, reasonable arrangements for travel.(source: Beijing youth daily reporter wang wei)