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2016 park go on sale today

Date: 2015-12-24

Go to Beijing park today in 2016 focused on sale, citizens to city park, double show 11 28 at the ticket booth, such as the purchase or prepaid phone activated.Go on sale will continue into next year on January 15, at 8:30 to handle time for a day to 16, Saturday, Sunday and normal sale during the New Year's day.
Go to park the basic fare is 200 yuan, the identity: no restrictions, when dealing with the one-year and the beijing-tianjin-hebei places of leisure culture tourism year card, can enjoy the 19 for park and beijing-tianjin-hebei 121 sites of scenic spot.121 this year to visit places of scenic spot of slight changes, compared with last year, please contact before the citizens to visit related websites.
Go to the city union members and retirees price is 100 yuan;The city under the age of over 60, 65 personnel go only 50 yuan.Offer one-year applies only to the city's 19 park, does not contain the beijing-tianjin-hebei places of scenic spot.Go to different groups for different denominations, please take when dealing with Beijing, mutual service card, emeritus card, id card and other relevant certificates and 1 inch photos.
Purchase of 200 yuan for the first time a piece of "card joint" citizens can choose bank business hall of the people's livelihood, this is the city park management center for the convenience of modern people, with financial institutions cooperation, facilitate everybody to buy.50 yuan, 100 yuan face value go must still be in the park are buying or prepaid phone activated.
The disabled, the city more than 65 years old elderly people with "Beijing elderly courtesy card", active duty and veterans, armed police officers and soldiers, retired personnel can hold his corresponding certificates 10 city park for free.
Everyone who has had two 3 yuan distribution fee already paid park go to special card, will be effected according to the par value prepaid phone activation, do not need to pay 3 yuan distribution fee.A municipal park with the one cartoon of transportation go to business, according to the par value prepaid phone activation, do not need to pay distribution fee.
Go to park in 2015 can be used to January 31, 2016.Because of special circumstances, miss tickets and top-up citizens don't have to worry.Yuyuantan and joyous pavilion, jingshan, zhongshan park will set point, go for the citizens for all the year round.Go in the park during the period of using, if lost, also can be in the four parks need to be dealt with the original procedures.(source: Beijing evening news reporter: Long Lou correspondent: summer ran)