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The winter solstice dumplings Old order in the fire

Date: 2015-12-24

Winter solstice yesterday, many people follow the custom of the winter solstice eat dumplings.Beijing morning paper reporter visits found that restaurant dumplings, popular.Have citizens to avoid line up to the restaurant early, others for hiding haze order at home.Some dumplings hall, each room reservation software part surrounded the checkout counter, a full face of anxious.Yesterday, the supply of all kinds of dumplings in the restaurant, take-out more than thirty percent.
The winter solstice eat dumplings Old suffers bestow favor on
Half past ten yesterday morning, the Beijing morning news reporters came to the city is famous for its pure handmade dumplings west 4th floor HuiFeng dumplings, haven't to dinner, sitting in the lobby for more than ten table of diners, also have customers to order pack out continuously, or buy goods home.One who lives near the old man told reporters that "old, make dumplings too tired, TouFu and winter solstice, we all come here to eat ready-made. Catch every time, the person FanDianEr is so much."
HuiFeng dumplings floor manager zhang introduces, at 6 o 'clock yesterday morning, the staff began to prepare, the earliest guests went to the shop at half past nine.We have learned, at present there are 20 different flavors of dumplings HuiFeng dumplings floor, in addition to the common pork green Chinese onion, beef, green Chinese onion flavor, this year also special "chives stuffing".Then the reporter visited again old, old stuffing dumpling, such as a feather dumplings several dumplings, rice point are lined up.
Delivery orders to send more guys line up
At the same time, the reporter noted that with the wide use of reservation software, citizens of delivery order dumplings are not this year.11 o 'clock at noon, west 4th subway station near a dumpling pavilion, diners but three table, but there have been various part of room reservation software to take food, once, collect several single."Today the winter solstice, is full of dumplings. Recently the bad weather, the reservation and convenient software, you don't want to go out, let's run errands."At this point the checkout crowded SiWuWei meals, one of them also received a telephone reservation urged, he had to explain "restaurant too slow, I wait here for half a day, to immediately send the past."
Near the east side of the old dumplings hall, room more than ten people.Was busy restaurant staff, said this year delivery orders increased dramatically, "accounted for almost half of the sales, we are busy don't come over.HuiFeng dumplings floor but no delivery member, manager zhang explained, in order to ensure the sit-in, yesterday just stopped outside services, not to be able to "send".
The winter solstice rinse meat Delivery is the mainstream
In addition to the dumplings, and "bubble" (bread in the soup, roast, rinse the old, this year also have increased the market supply.YiShun, again like xi 'an restaurant, barbecue, barbecue season, sand pot in nanyang, etc., has started two days ago is ready for the winter solstice.Integrated in the past two years, especially in this year take-out fluctuation full time, from yesterday's sales point of view, take-away average sales accounted for nearly forty percent of the total.
Old xi 'an restaurant dining at noon peak, many customers are to beef and mutton bread in the soup "home", "a year in the winter solstice, packaging customers just after 10 o 'clock came, the day delivery have to four, five hundred, to three, forty percent of the sales."
On the day of the winter solstice, barbecue, barbecue season of nanyang national survival than past Beijing roast meat sells more than 1500 catties;The old xi 'an restaurant of bread in the soup has sold more than 1500 bowls;HuiFeng supplies of all kinds of old Beijing crudites pavilions rinse meat more than 1000;Casserole prepared in more than 700 various types of casseroles.This year, these restaurants are cooperate with room website, packaging quantity "opening up", become another old winter solstice table consumption trend.(source: Beijing morning paper reporter: Jia Yue Chen Lin)